New Tool Now Available to Help Keep Children Safe Online

Parents and Teachers now have a place to report any Web site that is inappropriate for children.

Sonora, California, May 25, 1998: After several months of beta testing, launched NetScrubber this morning.

What NetScrubber Does

NetScrubber takes your Web site report, and those of thousands of other Internet citizens, and sends them to:

  • Parental control software companies
  • Internet Service Providers
  • School districts

No single organization has the resources to keep track of all the Web sites that are inappropriate for children. New Web sites are constantly being added and existing Web sites change. NetScrubber makes this task much easier.

How it Works

Anyone on the Internet can report Web sites that they come across that are not appropriate for children. These reports are compiled weekly and sent to the organizations listed above.

Because each organization has its own criteria regarding what constitutes an inappropriate site, NetScrubber does not make any of its own Web site ratings. Instead, participating organizations receive the entire list and modify it by their own standards. Our goal is to give these organizations a tool that helps them sort through the Web and effectively protect children.

The NetScrubber tool and Web site are provided as a free service by to help protect children online.

For More Information Contact:

Zachary Britton
Tel: (209) 536-6444
FAX: (209) 533-5460