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Protecting Children on the Internet

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Ten steps to Net safety.
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Click here to order SafetyNetWho's Minding the Internet?

Every stranger in the world has access to your child, right in your own home. With tens of thousands of troubling sites on the Internet, how do you protect the people you love? Find SafetyNet at and order online by clicking here.

SafetyNet gives you user-friendly guidelines for guarding your child's online adventures:

Recognize the Danger

  • See how easily your children can gain access to troubling sites
  • Discover how pedophiles contact children through the Internet
  • Learn the warning signs of Internet "addiction"

Create a SafetyNet, with Ease

  • Take steps to safe family Internet use
  • Compare the most popular filtering systems
  • Follow simple how-to section for speedy filterware installation
  • Gain access to thousand of fun-filled web sites for kids
  • Learn how to get top-quality filterware for free

This easy-to-follow guide is the perfect tool for safeguarding your child on the Internet.

"I would like to recommend to the Subcommittee an excellent new book written by Zachary Britton called SafetyNet." - Cathy Cleaver

Family Research Council Testimony before the Crime Subcommittee, U.S. House of Representatives

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SafetyNet was written by Zachary Britton, a leader in the race to protect children from online dangers. In SafetyNet, Britton draws on his professional experience as well as his online organization dedicated to making the Internet safe for children, SafetyNet is published by Harvest House Publishers.

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