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SafetyNet Step 2:
Use filterware

The goal of filterware (also called filtering software, parental control software or blocking software) is to give parents technical tools to block Web sites, newsgroups, e-mail and chat that could be harmful to children. While approaches vary, most filterware contains combinations of the same basic two components: words that trigger the blockage of a site and a list of sites to be blocked. Neither method works all the time, but a combination of the two screens out most objectionable matter. KidShield research shows that the only way to block all objectionable matter is to use filterware that limits access to sites that have been pre-approved. Sadly, since preapproved lists are so small compared to the vast amount of web sites, such a move severely limits your child’s access to the Web and removes much of its potential good as well as its harm.

Filterware alone does not provide sufficient protection for online children. Children still can stray – or be lured – into trouble. To maximize your children’s safety, you must augment the software you choose with the remaining guidelines governing Internet use. Do not rely exclusively on software to create your family's SafetyNet.

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